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After the product development the next step is the creation of the wax model. The wax is created by injecting molten wax into a rubber mold. Second step is to select the most appropriate casting options through the assessment of waxes by size and mass. The casting of gold and diamonds takes place in a vacuum pressure casting machine.

Diamonds Setting

The most essential process of jewelry manufacturing is Diamonds-setting. This is where you will start witnessing jewelry pieces come to life. The stone setters require years of experience in practice. Several setting techniques ought to be selected during the design process depending on the design of the product.


Nothing sets your metalwork off like finely finished edges and a nicely polished surface. In the rush to finish a piece, sometimes this is a job that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. The jewelry pieces are carefully cleaned and polished to obtain the smoothness on the surface.


We specialise in reviving old jewellery into something new and beautiful. We can redesign and remodel an old piece of jewellery that may be worn out, a bit tired or possibly of great sentimental value, into a modern, beautiful and practical up-to-date piece that can be worn all the time. We will always come up with great ideas and suggestions as to what is the best way to remodel your jewellery into something special.

Handmade Jewelry

With our Jewellery makers any design or repair is possible, from a complex handcrafted like ring, bracklets or anything that can be shaped to fit your simplistic traditional handmade.


At Shalimar we understand this well and take great pride in making exquisitely unique custom made jewelry pieces.

From custom designed Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings to Chandelier Diamond earrings, name tags to customized Arabic & English name Pendants. With a highly trained and qualified team of designers and part of the Shalimar's family , any design is possible.